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Oh, heyyyy!

Kat Gonzales-Earhart here. I’m a native Austinite with a passion for helping brands I care about fine tune and share their story with the world (aka their target audience). I have a sweet spot for women/minority-owned businesses and organizations who are trying to make a difference on the planet. Sound like your biz? Let’s chat!


Core Services

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Brand/Mktg Strategy

I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to help business owners craft and bring their brand vision to life. Even if you’re an established brand, chances are there are holes in your story so we always start there before building out a marketing strategy. Otherwise (and I’ve seen it time and time again), you’ll get to the point of making big brand decisions requiring you spend big money and then you’ll see the glaring hole, too. Eeek, let’s save you that time and financial investment!

Project Management

I’ll never just leave you with a beautiful marketing strategy without offering to start executing it, ideally while helping you build a core team of employees or contractors to help you maintain your new voice.

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