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If you’re an entrepreneur or small startup with your core brand building blocks in place, but want to solidify your company story and need a marketing strategy to support your business goals, this one’s for you!

Timeframe: 4 weeks

You’ll Get:

  • Current Website & Social Audit + Recommendations

  • Updated Brand Guidelines Doc

    • Look & Feel Guidelines (photography, artwork examples)

    • Social Media Guidelines (2 channels)

  • 6mo Marketing Strategy Doc w/ Action Plan

  • Training & Transition

The Process:

  1. Onboarding Survey

  2. 90min Kickoff Brand Workshop

  3. V1 Brand Guidelines + Immediate Recommendations

    • 30min follow-up call

  4. V1 Marketing Strategy Doc + Action Plan Ready for Review

    • 30min follow-up call

  5. 2hr Final Handoff & Training Meeting

  6. 30min Follow up call

Rate: $3,000

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If you’re launching a new company or product within your company, let’s create some magic together. Over the course of
90 days, I’ll learn the intricacies of your business and put together a cohesive strategy to help you go to market with confidence!

Timeframe: 12 weeks

You’ll Get:

  • Current Website & Social Audit + Recommendations

  • Updated Competitive Analysis

  • 12-mo Marketing / Product Launch Plan

    • Social Media Strategy & samples for up to 2 channels

    • Content Strategy (Demand & Lead Gen)

    • Event / Community-Building Strategy

    • SEO Recommendations

    • Paid Ad Strategy (based on budget)

  • Content Management System (CMS) recommendation + Implementation

  • Project Management System Recommendation (PMS) + Implementation

  • Transition Plan (including recommended hires)

The Process:

  1. 2hr Stakeholder Kickoff & Goal-Setting Workshop

  2. Weekly 30min Stakeholder Calls

  3. Weekly Progress Report Email

  4. Monthly 1-hr In-person Meetings

  5. 2hr “Post Op” Training & Transition Workshop

Price: $8,000

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If you’re a small-medium-sized company with a small (possibly even 1-person) marketing department and don’t have a budget for a full-time VP Marketing / CMO - I’ll come in to create a marketing strategy and action plan that is aligned with your immediate and long-term business goals, and then train your existing or new team to execute the plan.

Types of Deliverables:

  • Quarterly Marketing Team 2-hr Workshop w/ Action Plan

  • Rebranding Oversight

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Event / Community-Building Strategy

  • SEO Strategy

  • Paid Advertising Strategy

  • UX/UI Research, Testing, Strategy

Available by Retainer

Price: $8,000


Not sure which package is right for you or are you looking for something a little extra?

Tell me a little more and I’ll reach out for a 15-min complimentary consult.